Gruene Lawn Care was started over a decade ago by Jerry Codrey when he started mowing lawns in his neighborhood as a side business to his job. He had a truck with a push mower, weed eater and push broom. It wasn't long before he had built up a base of happy regular customers that he found himself faced with a decision to make. His decision to leave his job and go full time into building a successful lawn care and grounds maintenance company was made at that time.

After more than ten years of providing top notch lawn care and landscaping services to happy clients from Austin to Del Rio, Jerry made the decision to semi-retire and travel full-time with his wife Jeani and their three dogs. The search was on for the perfect person to take the helm of Gruene Lawn Care. 

Pastor James "Jimmy" Thornton of Canyon Lake came into the picture when he reached out to Jerry because of their shared interest in motorcycling. Jimmy had started a biker church, "Real Church of Canyon Lake" and invited Jerry and Jeani to visit. They fell in love with the passion of Real Church for reaching out to the hurting and broken and started attending regularly. As they became friends with Pastor Jimmy, it was revealed that he had been in the lawn care business with his dad and had been praying since his arrival at Canyon Lake for a way to get back into the business. 

It was literally a match made in Heaven! Jerry and Jeani are confident that they have passed their legacy onto someone who will continue to nurture it as they have. Jimmy is excited to have the opportunity to work in a field that he loves while growing his ministry. Much like the seasons that change the needs of the landscape, this new season for Gruene Lawn Care brings positive change for us. Thank you for being a part of the story!