ONE-TIME SERVICE: We cannot accommodate one-time mows at this time.


The following items will have an additional $10.00 charge:

Corner lots, cul-de-sac lots, yards with excessive growth, moving trampolines and/or lawn furniture and excessive pick up of items in the yard.

SALES TAX: We are a legitimate business entity filed in the State of Texas and we collect and pay State Sales Tax of 8.25% which is added to the price you are quoted for service.

LAWN SERVICE: We mow all turf areas with commercial riding and/or push mowers. We line-trim planting beds, fences, trees, out buildings, and areas not accessible with mower. It is the client’s responsibility to protect trees, wooden fence posts, downspout drains, etc, as they can become damaged by the line trimmer. Before we leave, we blow debris off all hardscapes (driveway, sidewalks, patios).

YARD ACCESS: Locked gates must remain unlocked for the full day of your scheduled service. If you prefer not to unlock your gate, please provide us with a key or password so the we may gain access.

PETS & DEBRIS: Please keep your pets inside while we are servicing your property.  Please have all pet droppings, toys, bones, large rocks, etc., picked up before our arrival.

SERVICE DAYS: Services are available Monday thru Friday. We strive to mow the same day each week. Numerous factors can affect our schedule, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific time of day for each service. Please do not water your lawn the day before, or the day you are scheduled, as this may contribute to difficult mowing conditions and prevent a quality mowing.

SERVICE CANCELLATION: Our goal is customer satisfaction. You may cancel your service at anytime. Neither party is obligated to continue service.

SERVICE ISSUES: Many conditions will affect your yard growth (watering, fertilization, rain, etc). Industry accepted mowing standards, which we adhere to, recommend only cutting 1/3 of the grass height each mowing. Infrequent service inherently causes such problems as clumps of grass or grass appearing to be cut unevenly. If you feel that your lawn needs to be mowed more frequently to keep up with growth, please contact us and we will adjust your mowing schedule. Excessive grass length adversely affects our equipment, and the quality of the cut. We reserve the right to refuse new service of grass with excess length.

RAIN DELAYS: Our schedule is full every day. If there is a rain event, most likely your lawn will not be mowed since we do not mow in the rain and do not want to risk damaging your lawn by mowing it while the ground is still soaked. We will do our best to get to you the next day but in the case of consecutive rain days it may delay your service by a couple of days. Rest assured, we will get to you!

PAYMENTS: Our preferred method of payment is credit/debit card (MasterCard/Visa). Your card will be charged on the day service is completed. We also accept cash or checks. will email you an invoice and you have 48 hours after receiving the invoice to pay the amount due using PayPal on our website. If we do not receive payment for service prior to your next scheduled service, you will be taken off the schedule until the balance is paid in full. If we do not receive payment within 15 days of service being performed you will be assessed a late fee of $5.00. Unpaid balances that go past 30 days will be turned over to collections and additional fees will apply.

LANDSCAPE PROJECTS: When you contract with Gruene Lawn Care & Landscaping to do a Landscape Project, half of the estimate total is expected before the project starts. Mid-way through the project 50% of the remaining balance will be due and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the work. We do accept checks for landscaping projects as well as credit/debit cards. Adjustments to your final balance may be made if there are additions/changes to the project while it is in progress.

ADDITIONAL TASKS: If you wish to have usperform additional tasks while on site, those will need to be scheduled at a different time from mowing. We are on a schedule and spending additional time at a property doing extra tasks keeps us from getting to everyone on the schedule for the day. Call us and we will be happy to give you a price and schedule an appointment to perform tasks such as trimming trees and shrubs, installing mulch or plants, etc.